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Two Infinity... by Consulting&Events

Two Infinity...

We are two women who share the same purpose: to help people.


We aim to do this by working to guide you:

- to get back onto the right path;

- to reduce the stress on your shoulders;

- to relax at our retreats;

- to (re)gain the confidence you are seeking

all through activities at our retreats!

We want to help you through the challenges in your life and support your mental health with yoga, meditation and self study.

The inner journey is a new beginning -

use our retreats to gain clarity for your first steps on that journey.

You will feel very welcome and we believe that we can help you along your healing journey.


Organiser/ Herb Coach/ Detox Coach/ Crystal & Chakra Healer/ Chef for the Retreats


She made her way into the retreat business because of her desire to inspire people to achieve personal success on their inner healing journey, whatever their goals. 

This was the motivation for starting  ´´Two Infinity´´ with her great friend, Dayna.

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Yoga Meditation & Affirmation Coach Dayna

Dayna intensely studied mindfulness and psychology for 14+ years from as many angles as possible, including: 
science, religion, spirituality,
law of attraction & manifesting 

She has a broad understanding of how it applies to everything in our human experience. 


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