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Hannah Bio

Hannah has a 200-hour Yoga Alliance teaching certification, which she completed in Bali in early

2022. She has been practising yoga herself since 2009, when she discovered yoga as a fun new


Her yoga journey started as a self-study, as well as yoga trainings at yoga institutions in the

UK, Europe, Singapore and Bali.

Since then, she has been exploring the different branches of yoga: meditation, breathwork and


Yoga has turned into a lifestyle as she believes it has a positive effect on our minds and

our health.

She enjoys teaching a dynamic flow as well as mindful yoga, focusing on a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha


She is continuing her yoga education in breathwork, meditation and Yin Yoga and incorporates

this in her yoga practice.

Hannah also works as a Business Consultant; she works on projects where she helps to implement

payroll systems applications to various medium to large companies.

She spends most of her days

sitting in front of her laptop analysing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, spreadsheets and

holding virtual calls, so to balance this she tries to live a very active lifestyle.

She enjoys kickboxing, muay Thai, Krav Maga, jogging, fitness, strength training, mobility exercises,

stretching and flexibility training, as well as different types of dances such as salsa, bachata, ballet,

pole dance and pole fitness. The one closest to her heart is yoga, as it helps to keep her balanced,

humbled and connected to her true self, her inner child.

She understands the importance of disconnecting from our issues as many times she herself had

come close to the point of burnout. Yoga is one of the main anchors that keeps her grounded, it

keeps her on the path of stability - physically, emotionally, mentally.

She loves yoga so much that her passion is to share yoga with the world!

Hannah: About
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