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Dayna believes anybody can become their best self, reaching their full potential, even when that seems unrealistic to the person themselves.

To achieve this, Dayna applies techniques from mindfulness and psychology, which she has studied in-depth for over a decade and a half. She covers many angles of these topics, including scientific & religious aspects (and their intersection), spirituality, focus, and even the power of manifestation and the law of attraction.

How these techniques can be applied to you is Dayna´s real forte. Able to understand your situation and help you to map out a route to your desired position in life, she will give you targeted advice and guidance so your desires become your reality. 

Ever creative and resourceful, Dayna is full of ideas and inspiration, resulting in her part in establishing

The Healthy Trinity with us at Consulting & Events. 

Dayna´s message?

´´A dream is a soft place to land! I create an environment where you can learn comfortably while stretching yourself towards the sky. Working with me is a choice you will be glad you make, my inspiration is to share my wisdom with you so that you can attain your dreams. If you want to become your best you - the one you really wish to be - we can make that happen.´´

Dayna: About
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