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Wedding Planner in Tuscany, Italy

I am a Wedding Planner that has a lot of organizational skills and I am looking after the wishes of the Future Bride and Groom. 

I am detailed and want to bring just happiness on your day that will be forever in your Memory and of your Family and Friends. 

Wedding Venue

The Venue is the Main Point were you will feel like home and this is what is the most special. It should be unforgettable and you should not like it but love it. 

Wedding Flowers 

Wedding Flowers are really the main characteristic of Peace in a wedding and I have great wedding Flower Shops and great contacts around tuscany.

Make up & Hair

I have a great Make up and Hairstylist many of them are both and are really good. You will be delighted by their soul too, they are funny and amazing in their work. 


I am working with very good Chefs around Tuscany and also with the best of them in Tuscany. No disappointment in that for sure, also catering companies I have a lot too.


The cake is one of the nice things that are so delicious. I have a lot of cake makers in Tuscany but they are the best with surprises that you can also have. 

Photograph with Video too!!!

The photographer is the main what you really need to have so I really can say that I have the best and they are willing to do a great job 

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