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Winery Tour Planning

After a holiday experience to brag about to your friends?

Have a client to impress?

Wanting to reward your staff?

Looking for an exclusive romantic getaway?

We offer bespoke itinery planning of a tour of Italy's wineries. Using our excellent range of contacts, we secure you a trip that is individual to you. We bypass the gatekeeper (no shared experiences with large groups for you [unless you want it]!) and get you to the best wineries for tasting events and behind-the-scenes tours.

We take away the stress of planning your holiday or event. Transport* and timings all optimally laid on for you to take you to places that cannot be found by simply Googling - these places are ex-directory! With options across Italy's beautiful geography and a range of visits suitable from 1 - 5 days, this is an offer that simply cannot be matched!

Truly a wine lover's dream, let us take you away today!

*Please note that flights and hotel booking, as well as airport transport, are not included in this service.

1 Price on arrangement.

2 Initial contact to be made at least 3 months in advance of booking.

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