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Restaurant & Pub Consulting

For over a year now, the food and beverage industry has faced challenges that have caused closures.

We believe every restaurant and pub should be ready and raring to go at the exact moment restrictions are lifted.

Why not make this an opportunity for your grand reopening?

We specialise in flash offers and Events such as seasonal themes, we believe that there is always something to celebrate. For these Theme settings, the service you can expect is for everything you can think of and more besides. We create menus with your chef pick out décor and set prices, and then advertise for you. You can secure these services on a continual basis as well, so we are constantly working on your next big thing.

We also provide general services for restaurants and pubs, including:

  • Assessments of your staffing levels and scheduling

  • Cashflow and Revenue Options (e.g. advice on vouchers and discounts)

  • Recruiting

From our experience across breadth of the food and beverage world, we can bring best practice to you, no matter what kind of restaurant/style you want.

We offer staff training and to provide SOPs where you require.

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