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Hotel Consulting 

Our Hotel Consulting focuses on 3 main areas:

  • Business Procedures & Practices

  • HR & Recruiting

  • Marketing & Sales

What do We Offer?

Business Procedures & Practices

For your Business Procedures & Practices, we offer a comprehensive service.  This covers whatever you need, from market placement/ positioning, finding your niche, setting out your SOPs, revising your pricing & setting Offers and rationalising your IT/ Systems.

Covid has hit our industry HARD, and having an efficient economic business is crucial to ensuring your ongoing success. Due to the broad range of scenarios we cover here, it is difficult to be specific about our services. However, as a guideline we provide some example cases:

We previously consulted on a restaurant which opted to change from customer self-service to waited service. This included a full revamp of their menu and pricing. We also retrained staff in practices for the new system and left the Restaurant Manager with clear SOPs to continue working from.

Systems Review: We can work to consider whether your current systems and contracts are best for you. Leave it to us to deal with cancellations, find cheaper providers for the same or better service, and to ensure that you have what you need and only what you need.

We have experience in setting the right prices to attract customers and make you money. This is a fine balance/let us dive into the detail and find the sweet spot.

HR & Recruiting

Due to our extensive and wide-ranging exposure within the Hotel & Service industry, we are experts at identifying the best people for your business. When hiring, we can help to select those people that are the best fit for your company and the role you are recruiting for. We can also help with writing job role specifications for your recruitment postings.

For your existing employees, we do skill gap and analysis and provide training to upskill where needed. We can also advise on personnel restructuring if you feel the need for a shake-up.

Marketing & Sales

Are you a large Hotel? Are you small? Do you have a niche USP or a quirk? Are you serving the domestic or international market? What else is nearby?

I do not want to give away all of my questions for you here… but these are all critical questions that we ask to ensure we can place your company advertisement in the right places for the right people to see you.

We market you holistically, so this links to your pricing & offer structure which we also offer to advise on (see above).

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